What is this blog all about?

My hope is that this blog will be helpful to any and all Script Supervisors who are making or have made the digital transition. There are a lot of tech toys out there that *can* help make our jobs easier. 

I will share my successes and failures with the tech I have used and currently use. I hope to also get suggestions, tips and tricks from other Script Supervisors to add to the knowledge base.

I have been using a computer and various other tech since I started as a Script Supervisor in October 1993 (a bit over 20 years ago - btw Thanks Dawn Gilliam for the suggestion to start out on a computer). I have spent a ton of money on tech and maybe I can save you some (but probably not if you’re tech addicted like me). ;-)

I’d also like to thank all the VTR Guys (they’ve all been guys so far) who have been helping me choose the right pieces on this HD upgrade. Special thanks to Finn and Rob, the two I drive the most crazy. Love ya!

Please feel free to help start a conversation.

Next post… The tech I started with and where I am now.