My MacBook Pro Setup - Software

My Mac setup mirrors my Windows setup closely. It’s actually more of a FrankenMac or MacnWin setup as I use some Windows apps via Parallels Desktop 9.

Again, it is not necessary or recommended for you to use or purchase all or any of the items I use. This is just a guide and you should choose what works best for you and your workflow. :-)

Here is what I use:

The Operating System

OSX 10.9.2 Mavericks and Windows 8.1 Pro via Parallels Desktop 9 in Coherence View Mode.

In Coherence mode, you can use both your Windows and Mac applications at the same time, without managing two separate desktops or rebooting. You can even load Windows applications directly form your Mac Dock or Mac desktop. In this mode, all Parallels Desktop controls, icons, and menus are hidden, except for the Parallels icon in the Mac menu bar and Windows Applications folder in the Dock.

Script Notes Software

Still using Microsoft Word 2003 (not 2007 as I mistakenly wrote in the previous post) along with Word for Mac 2011. I have the same the same issues with Word for Mac 2011 as I do with the Windows 2013 version… that ribbon and the cluttered interface.

Video Still Capture

I am having issues with the Mac version of Debut Video Capture, every time I open it, it reloads all the formats for the Blackmagic Mini Recorder, which takes a long time. Once it finishes loading, I am unable to see an image. I’m sure it’s user error on my part. I’ll have to keep experimenting.

I am  unable to use the Windows version of Debut even in Coherence mode because the Mac will not pass use of the Thunderbolt ports over to the Windows side. I don’t know if Boot Camp would have worked better for me but if I had chosen Boot Camp over Parallels I would have less opportunity to become familiar with OSX. I do feel as though I’m learning a new though similar language. Plus, I might as well have just purchased another native Windows machine over using Boot Camp.

My friend in VTR, Finn, suggested I use iGrabber as he had seen other Script Supervisors using it. It does not have all the features that Debut does but it works well. I have to use a multi-key combo for still capture instead of a single key, so it slows me down a bit. 

If you have any software suggestions for the Mac, please let me know (along with any tips and tricks). This is new territory for me and I’m open to suggestions.




Miscellaneous Software

This is pretty much the same as the Windows setup

  • Paint Shop Pro 5 -  in Coherence mode 
  • Foxit Reader – in Coherence mode
  • QuickTime Pro - OSX native
  • Dropbox 

Next week, I’ll start posting about the hardware I use with both the Windows and Mac machines.