App - Google Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS

Back in May 2014, I wrote a post about a couple of remote desktop apps that might come in handy. One of them was Chrome Remote Desktop from Google. It was only available for android at the time but was supposed to become available for iOS in October 2014. That didn't happen then but it is available now.

YES! You can now use your iPhone or iPad to control your OSX or Windows machines using Chrome Remote Desktop (FREE!).

Remote Desktop apps can come in handy if you need to be away from your laptop but still need to access it. For instance, you need to share some of the screen grabs you've taken to help with continuity. Maybe the person you need to share the images with is in a position where you don't want to take your laptop (up on some scaffolding).  You can use your iPhone or iPad with the remote desktop software to connect to your laptop, open the folder with the screen grabs and share the images. No need to disconnect any of your laptop cables. 

Another example would be for the times you're squished in some little corner and there is no room for you to comfortably use your laptop. As long as your laptop is getting a video feed from VTR (or DIT) and you have a good internet connection, you can work your laptop from your iPad.

There will still be some lag but it still may be an easier way to work. YMMV. Also, you may have to do more pinching and zooming to see the part of the screen you need (my eyes are old, so I need this :-))

Below are some pictures of my iPad Mini connected to and controlling my 2013 MBP and Windows 8.1 machines (only one at a time though). 

Rather than reinvent the wheel,  I'm providing a link that has a pretty good walk though on how to install Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS.

How To Set Up Chrome Remote Desktop For iOS

Give it a try and see if it works for you. It's free, so it can't hurt to try.