App - Smart Tools v1.7 for Android 2.2+

A couple of months ago, I was working on a shoot that had some green screen elements. Since it was a small shoot and we didn't have a 2nd AC. There was a point where we were using a crane and I needed a tilt measurement. While the 1st AC was able to get all the other measurements, we weren't able to get the tilt because the powers that be were rushing to get the shot. 

I have had the Smart Tools app on my GS3 phone and Nexus 7 for some time. I pulled out the Nexus 7 and used the Protractor III (Camera - Plum Bob) applet (?) to get an approximate tilt. As I was lining the edge of my tablet with the bottom of the camera I noticed that I now had a little camera icon available to me. It had either always been there and I hadn't noticed it or I hadn't paid attention to an update. Anyway, I clicked on the camera icon and it saved the measurement as a picture, Hurray! I didn't have to remember it while I was rushing to get back to my laptop before the camera rolled so I could get my screen grabs.

I have tried to find a similar app with camera integration on iOS 7 but haven't had any luck yet. If you know of a similar or better app on iOS, please drop me a line at

Smart Tools v1.7 

Yes, skeumorphism is still alive in this app.

The straight green line on the bottom image shows the bottom portion of the camera I used to align my Nexus 7 to.