App - QTAKE Monitor for iOS 7+

I was lucky enough to learn about a "new to me" app this week that is really handy for Script Supervisors using iPads (Thank You Tom V.!) . It's called QTAKE Monitor by IN2CORE. 

Most HD VTR operators I work with use QTAKE. As of December 2013, there is an add on software module that will allow up to 16 iOS devices (iPads and iPhones running iOS 7 and higher), to tap into QTAKE so the devices can be used as monitors that can also capture still images! Yay! This is great for those who use iPads and have to sit with VTR to pull stills. It saves time an aggravation for all.

The one catch is that as crazy expensive as QTAKE is on it's own, the software module is another $3500 plus the cost of a wifi router. Hopefully, the costs can be included as part of the VTR rental package so that more VTR operators will invest in the module.


Blurb from the website (blurb says 8 devices, VTR says 16... I go with VTR):

•    Stream content of the QTAKE VIEWS to a maximum of 8 devices using QTAKE HD STREAM Module
•    Connect to one or two QTAKE HD Systems (tap and hold to select source)
•    Use the TALK button to communicate with the QTAKE HD operator
•    Monitor audio of the selected view (tap to select view)
•    Choose single or dual view mode (double tap to switch)
•    Save a screenshot to your camera roll with a two-finger tap
•   Display selected view on your Apple TV or enable full display mirroring using the MIRROR button (external display and AirPlay support)

QTAKE Monitor app is free to download from the App Store, but requires QTAKE HD STREAM Module.


Here is how the setup goes.

Step 1:     Sign into VTR's wifi

Step 2:    Open the QTAKE Monitor app.

Step 3:     Select the VTR stream source. VTR will then have to grant permission on his/her end (just takes a second).

You're in! If 2 cameras are rolling, you'll see them both. If only one camera is rolling, you'll see and image on "A" and no video detected on "B". 

In our case, we were only shooting with one camera but VTR was running a composite. "A" showed the blue screen image we shot earlier and "B" showed that image composited with the background plate we were shooting.

To go full screen on a single camera, use a one finger double tap on the camera of your choice. To quickly capture a still use a two finger single tap and the image will be saved to your camera roll. Of course, can still use the old home + power button for the same result (this is the only way to capture the two cameras on screen at once, the 2 finger single tap does not work in this case). 

Even though I use a laptop for all my monitor and capture needs, I can only see one camera at a time and have to use a switcher to change from one camera to the other. I can see using the QTAKE monitor app as a 2nd screen that allows me to see both cameras at once.

It is also great for the glam squad to be able to have their own monitors and directors can move around easily with iPad in hand.

The app is free, so check it out!

BTW, I know Teradek has a similar system. I haven't had a chance to try it yet but will make a point to do so. I will report that experience as well. :-)