My Rig - The Standing Versions

Sometimes I just get tired of sitting all day. My current sitting rig can "kind of" be turned into a standing rig (see my previous post on why I don't feel it's stable) but I opted to go with a separate rig.

After surfing around Amazon, I found a the Quik Lok LPH-003 Laptop Stand  with side table. I purchased one that was used but in "like new" condition for under $80.

This is the stand I use when I know I'm going to be on a stage for several days as it is a bit heavy (almost 14 pounds). It is very solid and very adjustable as far as table tilt and stand height. When I get tired of standing, I can easily lower it to a comfortable height for sitting.

When not on set, it is my everyday "standing desk" at home.

One evening while tweaking my sitting rig I realized that the laptop table I use would fit on the cheap tripod I already owned. Since I have extra laptop tables, I put together I lightweight tripod table rig that is great for travel (used this rig on a shoot in New York recently) and local location shoots.

I've added a Velcro strap (as a safety) to stabilized the table connection to the tripod and another strap to attach my laptop to the table. It works really well. The legs are adjustable (though not as much as the Quik Lok table) and can be lowered for a sitting position. I foresee using this on all future beach shoots.

Plenty of options for suspending items that I need close at hand.

Options are good to have. :-)