My Rig - The Sitting Version

As you've seen in the previous posts, I don't exactly travel light. Little by little over the years, I have cobbled together a rolling cart system that works for me most of the time.

The basic parts consist of:

  • a rolling laptop case
  • a folding hand truck
  • a laptop table

Standard Blurb:  It is not necessary or recommended for you to use or purchase all or any of the items I use. This is just a guide and you should choose what works best for you and your workflow. :-)

The Rolling Laptop Case

I don't remember where I purchased my Samsonite Rolling Laptop case (probably Staples) but I've used it for several years. It has 2 large sections with additional pockets or dividers in each. There are 2 zippered pockets on the front and one on the back. The handles are helpful for lifting the whole rig into my car or a pass van.

I'm able to fit a good number of items in this case.

  • hd sdi cables
  • connectors for the cables
  • large clip-on light
  • a hoodman for the laptop
  • an umbrella made of SPF fabric good for sun and rain
  • bug spray
  • various bits & pieces

The Laptop Table

The laptop table I use was made by a company called Onyx. The table is a very lightweight aluminum that attaches to a telescoping leg. It was cheap (less than $20), so I stocked up on a few, so that I could use them in different configurations without disassembling my regular rig.

Below you can see how the table was designed to be used (with luggage). The telescoping leg allows it to be used standing or sitting. This setup didn't feel very stable to me, especially at the taller standing positions, so I don't use it this way.

I've turned the table around and inserted the telescoping leg inside the rolling laptop bag. The table and leg are attached with bungee cords and Velcro and I have it set at a height that is comfortable for sitting.

The laptop table I purchased is no longer available but similar (though more expensive) versions are available.

The Rolling Laptop bag, when loaded with the table, laptop and various items hanging from the table,  is not always stable enough to stand on its own, especially on uneven ground. To keep it from falling (usually forward or backward),  I use bungee cords to attach the telescoping handle to a lightweight folding hand truck. The hand truck increases stability and makes it easier to roll over cables and rough terrain.

When attached properly, I can get a fair amount of "lean forward" without the whole rig completely falling forward. I can even load my folding chair and roll everything where I need to go.

The Rig of the Future

Back in 2009 and 2010, I started designing a cart for myself. It was to be a more sturdy one-piece version of what I currently use, that would load easily into my compact car. I was hoping to have it fabricated from a lightweight anodized aluminum. I got as far as getting fabricator suggestions from a couple of VTR guys and even Bogdan (Technocrane). I abandoned the project over concerns about weight and cost.

I may revisit the idea in the future but after I get input from other Script Supervisors so that it can be useful to others besides me.

BTW, the cart is not smiling (even though it is a happy cart), those "smiles" are hand holds.

Here is a cart I came across created by a South African Script Supervisor named Tamsin Hall.

Next post will be about my standing rig.