Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder 

I would suggest getting the Square Trade Warranty if you purchase this device. I have 2 of these devices. One works great, the other does not.

Blackmagic has a 12 month limited warranty and were quick to presume that I was fault. Not happy but would still recommend the Mini Recorder with the caveat above.

Freak Show Battery Powered HD Switcher

This device has worked really well for me. If you work with 2 cameras a lot, I highly recommend this switcher.

Blackmagic UpDownCross Mini Converter

I've had a couple of jobs in the last month where the Mini Converter did not convert. One job used Red Cameras where the VTR output a 1080p signal. The other used a couple of different Canon cameras and the VTR output was 108PsF. I had to go back to manually changing the settings of my software every time I switched cameras. I'm getting frustrated trying to figure it out, so I've decided to purchase the Decimator MD-DUCC converter.

Cocoon GRID-IT! Organizer Case, Red (CPG7RD)

Good for controlling and organizing smaller cables.

Motorola MH230R 23-Mile Range 22-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio (Pair)

Once in a Blue Moon, I get help on a big multi-camera job. I will used these walkies with whoever is helping. This allows me to keep Ch. 6 clear on the Production walkies for the camera department so we're not stepping on each other when trying to share information. They have a large number of channel options and charge via USB which is a plus.